Essay Writing Tips

Top Essay Writing Tips for Scholars

Hey, all scholars out there!

Hope you are doing well! Are you guys facing issues in writing an essay? If yes, no worries I have compiled a list of useful tips for you guys to help you in your way of essay writing.

Essay writing is not that easy as we thought. It requires hardcore research and evidence of the topic that you are writing on. Basically, what we do? we just jumped into the writing part without doing proper research and knowing the facts which needed to be added while framing an essay. To help you with the nuances of essay writing. I have jotted down some crucial pointers that can help you write an outstanding essay for your academics or for any competition.

So, take a rundown of the essay writing tips and impress your professor by providing valuable information through your essay.

Top 5 Useful Essay Writing Tips 

Research and Research

The first step to writing a successful essay is to do proper R&D on the topic that you have chosen to write on. More you’ll do research more you get relevant information. So the best way to frame an essay is to do research. Don’t leave any source free, use all sources for gathering information and statistics that are associated with the topic or title. Also, you can go to journals, books, internet, websites, notes, etc for collecting data and information. You just need to keep all the information in a single place and on the basis of the data start writing the essay.  

Thesis Statement

A very crucial factor while essay writing is your thesis statement. As your essay will be centred around the thesis statement so it is essential to write a thesis statement as it will make your journey easy and you’ll have an idea what points should add or not. There is no other best way to start with the essay writing so focus on your thesis statement and make it the best.

Write the Introduction 

Your introduction should be impressive enough and need to support your argument that you are going to demonstrate in your essay’s body. If you already create an outline for your essay then it will be easy for you to get this job done. Moreover, if you feel the introduction is not going with the outline that you created in that scenario you can start with the writing body and after framing your body you can jump into the introduction part and write an introduction by mapping with the essay’s body.

Work on Topic Sentences

Professors usually complaints that students don’t work on sentences and it doesn’t make any sense and seems unclear. Which is somehow true.Thus, to overcome this issue you need to take care of these pointers and try to write clear sentences within the paragraph. And you should include a valid point that you want to convey to readers so that it can value your audience.

Use As Much Evidence As You Can

Shreds of evidence are part of the essay writing whether you choose some sensitive topic or you go with the general one. One who is writing the essay needs to take care of these things their argument should need some solid support and there is no better way then evidence whatever you are writing on just put your evidence as to your voice it. Believe me, it will really help you in delivering your voice to the reader and your audience will really like you. 

Check Plagiarism and Grammar

So, the most important part before submitting an essay is to proofread it and check it that your essay needs to be plagiarism free and grammar error-free. Usually, students don’t bother to do check grammar or plagiarism but these are part of your essay. Because if your professor finds any plagiarism in your essay then surely he will be rejecting your essay and you’ll  not get any marks. So, it’s better to take precautions in advance.

I would rather suggest you use plagiarism tools as there are numerous plagiarism tools available online. Even these tools also suggest phrases if there will be any wrong phrase used by the user in the document also, you can check your essay through  Grammarly tool by adding an extension. These tools are super easy and can make your work smoother.

Don’t Compromise with Conclusion

What we usually do is we neglect conclusion. Writing a conclusion can make your essay more interesting and valuable. It is highly suggested not to neglect the conclusion as it is very important to write a closure whatever will be the topic is. If you are getting confused and don’t know what to write, then you can take help from the introduction part pick up some line from the introduction and mould it in such a way that will support your argument and conclude it in the best way.

Final Touch

So, if think you are done with the essay after writing a conclusion that, then you are thinking wrong, my dear. It’s time cross-check your entire essay whether you have added your strong points into paragraph, body and intro or not. It’s time to check all the evidence and arguments that you added in the essay. Review your essay well and don’t forget to check grammar and plagiarism and review all the important points.

Last say

It was all about essay writing tips I hope you get all the points that I have mentioned above. Believe me, if you follow these pointers while writing an essay surely you’ll score good grades and along with the marks you’ll impress your readers or professor. If you are thinking you can’t write an essay for academics then also we have a solution for you there are numbers of an essay writing service agencies are there to serve those scholars who are not willing to write an essay on their own. You can approach online tutors and get your essay done at minimal cost.



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