Why Plagiarism Is Considered As A Crime ?

plagiarism is crime

As soon as the exam season strikes, students start to find ways to complete their assignments. They also don’t hesitate to copy it from someone else and submit it as theirs. Well, it’s a serious crime and it is called plagiarism. Earlier, it was a bit difficult but since the internet has taken over, it became so easy. It is a crime and charged differently under circumstances. For example, if someone has copied the content to pass an exam, the person will not go to jail but if the intent was to get a job, then yes. 

However, you may get expelled from the school and it may affect your studies, not in a good way. It’s a stigma that will stay throughout your academics and it can also cause difficulty in getting your degree. 

Some Common Circumstances

Here are some of the most common situations when plagiarism is adopted by the students to escape the pressure of the studies and personal life.

Copying an essay

The easiest and most common one is getting an essay copied from an internet source that is similar to the topic that you are assigned. If the essay has to be submitted offline, students tend to copy it from their friends or classmates. There are many tools present online that are able to check if the content is plagiarized in terms of formatting, arguments, or the whole content. Many students also take the help of getting the essays written through online portals that provide university assignment help by writing an essay for them. Your teacher will be able to easily know that it’s not written by you as he/she is familiar with your writing style.

Not giving credit

There are many times when students have to attach a study or research to their project, they don’t tend to give proper credit and attach as if it’s their own. It will also fall under plagiarism if you have written it by yourself but the idea is exactly like someone else’s. Students can escape it by giving proper credit to the piece they borrowed from someone else. There are multiple ways to check on providing effective ways to give credit. 

Use quotation marks

Students are advised to always check if they have used the quotation marks on the content they copied from any book/website. Giving credits is not enough, you will have to mark that it’s the original words of that source. If you are also just placing quotations here and there without giving credits, it depreciates the quality of the assignment and stigma remains forever.

Plagiarising own content

It’s a rare thing but it will also fall under plagiarism if the student has copied something from self-written content for any other project. As the syllabus is increasing day by day, there are many chances when a student will need to refer to a topic he/she wrote before. Well, the student should write it again rather than just copying it.

Why it should be avoided?

The academic life is a very important phase of a student’s life. Involving in plagiarism may land you in trouble while getting the final degree and sometimes, even job.

It is stealing

Basically, plagiarism is stealing. Consider it as you have written something by putting a lot of thought and your time in it. Someone uses it just by simple copy and paste. How will you feel when you get to know that the person hasn’t given any credit. Avoid it as much as possible and focus on improving your writing skills.

It represents illiteracy

As a student, you must invest some thoughts and time in writing an assignment. There will be many times when you will regret it. By submitting the plagiarized content, you show that you have a lack of information. 

So, to enrich the quality of your assignments, you should avoid plagiarism.

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