Top 5 Tools For Students To Improve Assignments

tools to improve assignment

Educational Tools are making the life of the Students Easier

Education software tools for students help in the successful completion of an academic project.  The availability of software and a plagiarism tool for students makes things easier for them as nowadays students have to cope with numerous things along with tight deadlines.

Most of the students are also engaged with numerous extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, hence, during the completion of the task, a bit of assistance helps them a lot. Thus, the online tools that are there for the students help them and reduce their burden a lot.

The Online Tools in the Educational Arena and its Usage

The norm of the day is ‘excellence’. Without which, surviving in this cut-throat market can be a huge job. Students of this era realize this fact and to achieve it seek for the best and the smart ways. To keep up to their necessities the online market has evolved a great deal to an extent where the education system has gone through an utter revival. Availability of a wide variety of educational software has changed the overall outlook of student learning.

The tools, those are obtainable in the online market, cater to almost every aspect of learning and also in the research areas executed by the teachers and students. E-learning or education applications have empowered the students to enhance their understanding of a particular subject oriented issue.

The paid and free tool for students to help them in lesson planning by allowing them to acquire better language skills and mathematical concepts and they can also have a better understanding of the visual demos. The educational applications also send imageries of historical or geographical or scientific facts to the students in order to help them with their work. These tools have reduced the dependencies of the learners on other factors that can hold them back to perform better.

Tips to Achieve Good Grades

When a learner is designated with academic papers, the first thing that comes to mind is that it should stand out in the crowd. Only then it is possible to achieve a grade that will help them to secure a better place in the university and later in their career and know how to work with Google Drive. Hence, some of the tips that the students should have in their mind to produce a beautifully structured project are the following:


  1. It should be filled up with information and facts that are correct to the last straw.

  2. It should display language skills that are appropriate for the subject and should avoid any kind of grammatical error.

  3. Creativity is the word that not only displays the dedication but also helps the student to grab attention towards his work. Hence, it should also showcase creativity only then fetching good marks will be a reality.

  4. Pupils should use eye catchy visuals as it is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the work.

  5. There can be covered on enhanced topics on the subject to display the depth of the research which is an additive point.

  6. The goal of the should be met

  7. The most important point is that the student should produce original content which means they should avoid plagiarism in the most possible way.

A well researched and well-planned assignment always displays the effort of the student and is actually the key to stand out and succeed.

Top five software tools to help the students

Encyclopedia Britannica:

It is always the number one preference for the students to fill the research paper with the correct and required facts and also to add up some more enhanced version of the information to display a deeper knowledge. This education tool serves all the purpose and they can check paper. 

Almost 99.99% of students seek help from the tools available in mobile devices. This software covers almost every fact that is known to man and covers a variety and wide area of subjects. A thesis or a term paper can be of any field; from literature to science to history—this tool helps everyone.


The app has almost 80,000 articles on various topics along with graphs, charts, and diagrams. Thus, it lessens the burden of the students of doing library work as one app is enough for them to all kinds of research work.

A project without a supply of reliable facts tends to be an incomplete one. Encyclopedia Britannica app is a reliable solution to personalized learning.

Simple notes:

This is a smartphone app that takes notes on the run. Work done without planning can lead to a disaster. A detailed lesson planning implies that one needs to keep a track of the thoughts and also the facts that will construct the whole idea in an organized manner that is worth representing in the academic arena. The fundamentals of these websites include the following things:

  • The notes uploaded in this app will be available automatically in all the devices used by the student.

  • It is capable of keeping the notes in an organized form so that there is the least difficulty in finding them while they are mind mapping

  • It comes with the sharing, posting and publishing features thus the students remain connected to those they are seeking help from or working with.

  • Whenever the notes are updated the version changes. If there is any need for the previous versions, one can always go back to them.

  • There is an option for Markdown format which is useful in notes of this genre.


The originality of the text is very important in the academic arena and retaining it adds credibility and pushes the students forward in the long run. Duplicated content has become a synonym to academic dishonesty and to check for plagiarism there are a number of a free online plagiarism checker, among whom Copyleaks stand out for quite a number of reasons.

Copyleaks is the best AI tool that will help one to prevent this destructive phenomenon of plagiarism. It is a free tool that helps in detecting copied content thus helping the students to avoid any kind of penalty associated with the exercise of this dishonest act. Any online content creator whether they are students, teachers, writers or bloggers can use this plagiarism detector to retain their originality and increase their sustainability in the online content market.

Following a detection algorithm, Copyleaks is a cloud-based plagiarism detector which scans any type of content whether it is a student project, a book, an article or any blog. Grammar checking, recognizing duplicated content, and providing instant feedback has helped the tool to gain popularity among the wide variety of people and plagiarism checker work.

Google Scholar:

Citation is important when the students are involved in producing a project, else they might get involved in the unintentional act of producing plagiarized content. However, often the students are not very much aware of the citation style and hence, they make mistakes with the style that often get reflected in their mark sheet.

Google Scholar is a search engine designed to help the students on this aspect as it has an array of scholarly journals and articles in metadata, and sometimes in full text, forms. Apart from providing resources it also shows the student the correct form of the citation style that lessens their burden and also helps them to gain correct knowledge about the citation style.

Pocket Thesaurus:

The consulting dictionary is always a common thing to do by both the teachers and students alike. More than just serving the purpose of a dictionary, Pocket Thesaurus mainly deals with synonyms and antonyms which becomes essential for writing any piece whether literary, professional or educational. The students can have access to around 90,000 words and the download size is just 20MB. Thus, even if the storage space is running out one can have this app and the best part is that the students can use it easily.

Free online learning tools are available in abundance but what one needs to learn first is the appropriate and exact tool that is required for the completion of a particular project. Nothing can be a substitute for hard work, this tool just ensures that the students not only do hard work rather they get indulge in smart work and balance every other thing along with studies.

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