TNT Australia

TNT Australia

TNT Express is a company of Australia found in 1946 and was initially named K.W. Transport from the name of the founder. The founder of this company was Ken Thomas. In 1958 the company was renamed Thomas Nationwide Transport, shortly named TNT Australia. At the present day, this is one of the largest business-to-business delivery service providers. It has about 2000 vehicles, a network consisting of 60 depots and 250 agencies all over the country. TNT provides its customers with a complete express transport on a wide range of national, regional, and international scale. It has over 80000 employees and has its reach in 250 countries. 

The Challenges in TNT Australia 

During 2009 TNT felt the need to renew the market of MFD because their MFD fleet was almost seven years backdated. The main goal was to concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity of the devices. They also focused on the future upcoming technologies of the company and the ownership cost. They wanted to make sure about the best applicable technologies and make it fixed for the next 6-7 years. They were searching to get a provider who would inform cost and service information and also help them to streamline their requirements for scanning the documents. It was very crucial to be clear about the longstanding procurement of TNT and profitable pricing and cost as well. The most critical goal was to determine the reliable and understandable causes behind selecting any technology over another one. At the first stage, TNT offered 6 vendors to take part, and from them, four actually took part through the TNT IT sector using Equitrac software.

Solution for TNT Australia

TNT actually had an idea about the number of devices they use and the final outcome as the print output of the devices. But they were not 100% sure about the loss and the quantity of wasted paper from unnecessary or errorful printing. TNT express initiated an official site from its head office in Mascot. It gave a share of this information to all of its vendors. Kyocera, one of those vendors, determined the devices that could be used to carry the workload and with the help of them, TNT realized that they could easily reduce the number of devices in their office.

Kyocera was able to be recognized as the topmost vendor of TNT. Because they provide their solution documents and proactive management and team support. TNT reduced the employed devices from 64 to 26, within a short period of time and got a new department consisting of 120 employees. Kyocera provided multicolor MFD and monochrome printers in the TNT head office. And after the massive success of this concept, this also implemented all the depots across Sydney. During the procedure, Kyocera also provided training to all of its users to make them comfortable and familiar with this new procedure and technology. 

The original idea was a revolution in culture for the company because they became habituated to use small work devices. The new solution helped the company to place four machines per floor and an additional color machine on every floor. Before that, many users used a printer for their own use or the whole department. Kyocera provided the MPS technique that offers a single price per copy print that will remain unchanged for the life of the content. The CCP is constant over the Kyocera range, which means, whether a TNT client is working on MFD and the price per print remains the same.

Kyocera makes sure that TNT get an accurate view of information at any time. TNT is able to track the details of monthly service reports consisting of all performance records on any device within a particular time. The KM-Net meter reading provided by Kyocera gives all the monthly meter reading to the TNT. An organized list of the price per copy is supplied to TNT every month to inform them about the possible changes made.         

The Result For TNT Australia

The MPS solution provided by Kyocera results in the rationalization of TNT fleets. It has reduced the running cost significantly, especially in color printing. The quality of the printing has improved, and the cost has decreased as well. The Kyocera MPS has provided a running cost savings of around 38%. And hence the overall profit has increased. This new solution has reduced the wastage of copies because people can erase the document or errors before it prints. So, the document doesn't need any reprinting. Implementing KM-net technology has provided benefits in another way. This reduced the administrative resources taken for the manual meter costs and readings. 

This is an automatic running software using the KM-net technology of Kyocera. It provides an itemized statement per month, showing clear costs and usage. Kyocera also provides them a compact report for the whole department and building as well. It resulted in the improvement of the delivery frequency, making an average of 140,000 deliveries annually without any errors. Kyocera also significantly cut down the TCO of TNT. There are also some more benefits that are visible after applying this new idea.

  • Advanced customer service.

  • Streamlined business procedures.

  • More secured data.

  • Low paperwork and lowered storage overhead

  • More precise and faster invoicing and cash flows.

  • More available space for storing documents.

  • Easy management.

  • Smooth integration in business applications.

In recent times TNT has improved its digital network paths to run 48 TNT sites for project requirements in twelve weeks. Some other vendors involving in the TNT Australia provides scanning hardware devices. Some provide print output formatting. Some provide scanner support and maintenance management directly from the head office. Nowadays, the images in the form of documents can easily be pulled up on the printing screen for printing. The faxing, emailing has become more comfortable for the customers for any kind of complaint on the TNT Website.

TNT now gives more accurate and more fruitful information to its customers. The identification of the mistaken non-delivery claims has also become more comfortable and more reliable. 

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