Referencing A Content Guide Using Referencing Generators

referencing content using reference generators

A student will need to have to go through huge chunks of research and study in-depth to gather knowledge and write papers on their subject. These assignments turn out to be a very crucial factor in evaluating the grades of the students. Students will have to clearly mention the source of this information and provide solid references. To implement it, there are multiple referencing techniques like Harvard referencing and many others available online. It should be made very clear that without proper referencing, there is no academic paper you can complete.

The different modules are used depending on the subject and before using the referencing generator, you must clarify it with your project guide/head on the matter. If there is any confusion that persists, students can also ask the professor of the related subject.

What is a Reference generator?

When you are in a college or school, you will be needed to write a number of papers and dissertations. These writings play a huge role in the career of a student and should be written with proper care. However, in the paper, you will need to write the information and content said by someone else to give weight to your point. These parts should be referenced properly where you can add an in-line citation and also add a bibliography. The bibliography is a list of all the references at the end of the paper.

Remembering all the references can be a bit tedious and tiring and this is where you can make use of reference generators like APA referencing, Vancouver referencing, etc. Giving proper references and credits is like the soul of any content. You can take it in an example of brand tags on your clothes. 

It’s important, Why?

The referencing is a very important factor in academic writing. Among various reasons, these are the most important ones.

Shows the amount of research

While writing an article, the time consumed the most is by the long research hours. The more you research, the more refined paper you will be able to produce. It also enhances the quality of your writing and puts more weight. It also shows that you actually invested your time in writing it and tried to gather information from multiple sources.

Strengthen the discussion

Your discussion and the point you are trying to make will have multiple points from various perspectives. There are many times when the reader will be curious to know more about the topic and your references will be able to provide her/him the source. Any referencing module used by you including the Chicago referencing will help you in clearly listing the references. 

Proper credits

It’s equally important and necessary to give credit to the original writer. Copying someone else’s content is considered as the highest sin in any academic writing and it depreciates the value and quality of your writing. Mentioning the actual writer and giving clear credit is the actual reward and mode of appreciation for the person.

Better grades

A well-structured content with proper referencing will also help you in getting better grades. All the colleges and institutions evaluate the intelligence of their students on the basis of their grades and the grades are built by various factors including these assignments. Eventually, to get placed in a better job, you will have to get higher grades.

Develops writing style

When you do thorough research, you go through the content of various writers. This content leaves some marks and automatically end up in your writing style. Giving proper references is also a way to thank the writer for improving your writing style. The modules like Harvard referencing will also add many levels of authenticity to your writing.

When Referencing is needed?

You will not always need to add a bibliography to the paper, but there are various times when it is needed. Giving proper reference and credits is needed when you:

Take an excerpt

Referencing is a must when you take an exact saying or piece from someone else’s paper. Along with proper credits, you must also quote the piece. This will also help the content to be plagiarism-free. 

Copying statistics

You will also need to reference when you copy a piece of the diagram or any figure related to the subject matter. Even if you are taking a picture from any content, you must provide the citation to that. 


It doesn’t matter if you are copying the exact words or transforming the article into your own words, you must provide proper reference to the source. It was someone else’s idea and he/she should be given proper credit to that. MLA referencing is the reference generator that you can use to get all the references at once. 


If you are just writing a synopsis from an article written by someone else and not copying or paraphrasing the whole article, you will still need to reference the source. The only time when you will not need to reference is when the idea is purely your own.

Some Top Reference Generators

Now, when it actually comes down to use a generator, there can be confusion. As there are multiple modules that are used according to the situation. One of the very common ones is APA referencing, used by a wide range of students and writers worldwide. Preparing a well-structured list that carries clear references is a very tiring and boring task. These reference generators will need some information to be filled by you and provide you with a high-quality list that you can directly paste in the bibliography. 


Let’s have a better look at some of the best reference generating tools available online.


This tool for generating the references not only tells the source from the text but it is also able to extract the references from the resources like audio and digital images. The user-interface of this reference generator is also very friendly and anyone can get a hold of it.

There is only a single version of the tool is available which is totally free to install and use. The features offered by this free version are:

  • The free version provides a plethora of styles like Harvard referencing, APA, and many more.

  • You can also collaborate with your teammates in the making of the reference list.

How to use:

Visit the website of Recipes4Success and select the type of paper you are getting the reference for. Click New and enter the details like the author’s name, title, etc. Choose the format as MLA or APA. Hit Create and all the sources will be made right available to you and you can download them or copy-paste in your paper.

SLASA Referencing

This service is loved by a majority of the students where they get a plethora of services categorized in the sections of Junior, Mid-school, and Senior bibliography.

In Junior bibliography, you will get the features like:

  • You can select the sources from a very basic level.

  • The references are created using the Harvard author-date system which is able to provide some refined results and get them to the bibliography by a simple copy-paste.

In Mid-school bibliography, the features are:

  • The sources are found from a wide range of databases.

  • The result will be provided to you in an alphabetical order where you will have to just enter the details of the paper you want to get reference for.

In Senior bibliography, you can:

  • The features are almost the same as the Mid-school with an even wider database and there is an addition in the form of an ability to add in-text citations. 

Citation Machine

This generator is one of the best and has all the styles and modules that a student can need. The interface of Citing Machine is also user-friendly and everyone can get a hold of it. This is also a tool to add references for the video and audio files. There is a free and a pro version available for this tool. 

The free version of the module will include the following:

  • It adds the reference or citations to the paper and you can just copy the whole list to the bibliography.

  • It supports all the styles including Harvard referencing.

  • The references and the credits can also be taken from various resources including manuscripts and podcasts.

The tool will charge the users around $10 and opting for it will provide you with:

  • Applying the deep plagiarism checker which the free versions are not able to find.

  • It will also provide you with the tool that will tell you the suggestions required for the grammar and the content structure.

How to use:

The tool is very simple and easy. Go to the website of Citation Machine and choose the style that you want to do referencing in. You can choose from a number of styles including Chicago referencing. Then, the site will ask you to choose the type of writing, eg, a book, blog, magazine article, etc. Enter all the details related to the article, like the title, name of the author, etc. Hit the button that says Make Citation and you are done. The reference list will be created within seconds.


The reference generator that is liked by a plethora of students and the only drawback that comes with it is that it offers very limited functionality in the free version. You will have to pay around $5 to upgrade to the premium version. 

The free version of EasyBib will offer you:

  • The auto-citation tool enables you to search the source by entering the title or the link. You can also search the source by the name of the author.

  • You will only get the MLA referencing in the free version of this reference generator.

  • Like Citation Machine, it also offers to reference from a whole lot of resources like images, court ruling, etc.

The premium version will provide you with the additional options to:

  • You can create the reference lists and citations in more than 100 styles including the Chicago and APA.

  • This will also enable you to create an in-line citation and add footnotes on every page of your content. 

How to use:

As soon as you open the website, the EasyBib will provide you the options to select the style of the citation or referencing, eg, Chicago reference or any other. Then, after selecting the style, the site will give you the details about the structure and format and you have to click Cite a Chapter. You have to create an account or you can also link it to your social media. After giving all the details, you will be prompted to either create the citation or check the plagiarism, if you have a premium subscription. Enter the details of the paper you want to get cited and it will be provided to you within seconds.

Cite This For Me

The salient feature of this tool is its easy-to-use and very simple interface. Just like the other ones, this tool also comes with a pro and free version. The free version is also very feature-rich and you may not need to upgrade at all.

The free version of Cite This For Me comes with the following features:

  • It lets you search the references just by entering the name of the author or the URL.

  • The reference can be generated from a plethora of sources and styles such as APA referencing, SLASA referencing, etc.

  • You can also create the whole reference list and instead of just adding it to your bibliography, you can also share it with others separately.

You can upgrade the reference generator for around $15 and get the features like:

  • Get a professional plagiarism checker where you can get the paper checked if there is any unintentional copied content.

  • This reference generator is liked by many for its premium features like,

    • A browser extension that lets you create referencing depending on the page you are presently at.

    • It also enables you to create more than one reference list on the same list. You can add multiple contents at once into the tool to create the citations.

How to use:

Like the aforementioned sites, Cite This For Me is also the generator that requires you to choose the citation or the referencing style for your paper. The reference generator offers you the styles ranging from MLA referencing to that of Chicago one. Then the selection for the source will be done. After selecting the file or entering the link, you will get the reference list in a matter of seconds.


This is a reference generator in the form of a browser extension and can also be installed as an add-on to Microsoft Word. This extension will not force you to go from page to page in order to search for the citations.

It comes with only a single version and that is totally free for everyone to install and start using. The features that this free version has to offer are:

  1. The extension will allow you to organize all the resources by tagging them with the help of keywords. Also, you can save them in their organized collections.

  2. There are more than 9000 styles in which you can get your paper referenced. The styles include Chicago referencing and many others like APA and MLA.

  3. The extension also lets you get the document cited within the Google Docs or Word.

  4. You can also collaborate with your partners and make an enhanced bibliography for the project you are working on.

How to use:

To install a citation style, go to the repository page where you will be asked to enter the name of the style you want. The style will appear up, right-click and hit Save As. Now go to Zotero, and click the + button where you will have to select the.CSL file you just downloaded. A new style will be added to the Zotero Styles. Go to the folder where the actual file is, right-click on it and select Create Bibliography. You can also add multiple documents to the citation for that particular style, eg, APA referencing. The add-on will provide the reference list which you can copy and paste to the desired location. 

Towards the conclusion…

It’s mandatory for the writers to provide proper credits and references to the sources from where they have gathered the information in producing their content. The times are now changing fast and the internet is the tool where anyone can find the actual author. If you are not willing to provide the reference, it translates to that you are encouraging plagiarism and that, itself, is sufficient in deteriorating the quality of your paper. 

You must make it your habit to provide all the references and citations on your paper. You should not worry about finding the sources as there are many reference generators you can find only. These reference generators let you choose from numerous styles such as MLA referencing, APA, Harvard, etc. You have to just enter the details regarding your paper and the software will provide you with a well-structured reference list which you can add in the bibliography. The abovementioned citation generators are the best ones on the market in context to value for money. The functionalities offered by these will be more than enough to fulfill all your writing needs.

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