Qantas SWOT Analysis

Qantas SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis helps to grow a business company widely. This management framework helps to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the renowned Australian airline Qantas. Qantas SWOT analysis can be used to improve the growth of the company.There are other analysis like five forces analaysis which is best.

Qantas Swot Analysis: Background

Qantas is the most prominent and most excellent Domestic & International airline of Australia dominating the market.

This huge airline company has a strong market in Asia, the South Pacific, and America and the headquarters of this airline present in New south wales, Mascot, and Australia. 

Qantas is the home of more than 30,000 employees (as per the 2007 record). This airline is known in the Australian market as the largest employer. 

This domestic and international airline was first established in the year of 1920. The founder of the Qantas airline was Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster, and Paul McGinness. The name Qantas is the short form of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited.

Qantas, the most renowned airline brand of Australia, offers its exceptional service to more than forty nations and at least 180 destinations in the whole world. Different subsidiaries operate the Qantas airline group.

The Qantas mission statement states that they are the leading and premium airline service provider of entire Australia. And they are very much dedicated to performing the best at their duty. Their main aim is to reach the high expectations of the customers. So, the customer shows interest in flying again using the Qantas airline. The company invests in its service to give the customers ultimate relaxation and satisfaction while traveling.

The vision statement of Qantas airlines declares to be a prominent airline. Their service reflects the spirit of Australia. This Qantas airline is recognized as a company with the largest fleet size, international destination, and flights. 

Here we have discussed the marketing strategies of Qantas airline. Their strength and weakness using the Qantas swot analysis.

Qantas Swot Analysis: The Definition Of Swot Analysis?

A proven management framework is known famously as the SWOT Analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to help a brand to benchmark their performance and business market. It analyzes a company’s internal factors to understand ts market competition. Mainly SWOT Analysis researches the inner and outer factors of a brand like Qantas and its impact on the business environment.

Here is presented detailed information about the SWOT Analysis of Qantas Airlines. This will provide valuable information about the weakness, strength, opportunities, and threats of the company. 

Qantas Swot Analysis: S For Strength

The S in the SWOT Analysis implies the strength of a business company. It was established in the year 1920. The Qantas airways have been improving slowly but steadily. The strengths of this biggest airline in the Australian country are:

  • A very reliable brand name. This company is providing the best service as the second oldest airline.

  • It has a strong global existence with the help of a partnership. It is connected with various well-known subsidiary brands like Qantas Links, and Holidays, Jet Star, etc.

  • The company is equipped with the newest and latest aircraft. The mechanically advanced fluent, efficient aircraft like Dreamliner, Boeing 787, etc. 

  •  This company builds its reputation through proper advertising and sponsorships.

  • It follows an excellent record of safety since its birth.

  • This company has great relationships with the public. This is a strong marketing strategy adopted by the brand.

  • It has good growth support. The earning of the company is stable and consistent.

Qantas swot analysis: W for Weakness

Business weaknesses can be identified with the SWOT analysis. The shortcomings of a company can limit the growth of a company. Here are some weaknesses in the Qantas Airlines addressed with details.

  • Ill-assorted and unsuited increase in capacity and market demand.

  • Some safety concerns about the flights have aroused over the past years.

  • Qantas Airways have received certain backlash and bad reviews from its customers.

  • A price-fixing incident has created a negative image in earlier times.

  • The business market for airlines is highly cos-conscious. 

  • Qantas airlines have no centralized secondary location of the airport. That’s why it has a high dependency on Australia.

  • Because of the rising high cost of jet fuel, the airline price is constantly increasing.

  • The company has been sacking the staff and engineers to cope with the high expenses.

Qantas swot analysis: O for Opportunities

The O for Opportunities represents the opportunities available for the ultimate growth of the business company. In this case, the opportunities available for Qantas Airlines are mentioned below.

  • The customers of this company are provided with rewards continually. And the points are increasing from Gold to Silver and then to Platinum. This expands the worth of the passenger. 

  • New aircraft with advanced technologies have been introduced to serve the passengers. This will open the path of opportunities in Australia to employ more. Plus, it will improve service efficiency and will help to expand the airline business.

  • It has more increasing opportunities in Digital Marketing and loyalty program.

  • This airline has a wide opportunity to lead the Asian and Australian countries.

  • Qantas airways have a bright opportunity to tie-up with other international airline brands.

  • The Cargo Service demand will increase at a large scale in the upcoming years.

  • Massive growth in the travel and tourism business will expand the opportunities for Qantas airlines.

  • They have introduced several business policies like points, money-spending activities like hotel stays, credit card use, car rents, dining, etc.

Qantas swot analysis: T for Threats

With the SWOT Analysis, threats can be identified, which are responsible for the reduced growth in business. Here presented the threats of the Qantas company by using the SWOT Analysis method.

  • The rice in the labor cost can damage the business.

  • The constant increase in the Oil price will rice up the Fuel costs.

  • Qantas Airlines is competing with a vast number of leading airlines like Singapore, Malaysian, Virgin Australia, New Zealand, etc.

  • Natural disasters, hijacking, accidents were affecting the security and safety of the airlines.


The importance of Qantas swot analysis is enormous in the field of the airline business. It not only focuses on the strengths and opportunities but also emphasizes the weakness and opportunities to grow the business more successfully.

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