Literature Review Example

literature review example

A Literature review is an abstract presentation of a particular subject area, which helps to identify some important research questions within a specified period. A literature review example will assist in understanding Someone's researched work of particular subjects. A literature review cherishes evaluating a range of various sources of both relevant documents of the work. 

A literature review writing can be prepared in steps phases such as

  • Defining the topic and the review field.

  • Investigate the library catalog to find sources that are related to the topic, subject-specific databases, and other search tools. In-text citations hold surnames of the author or editor in harvard referencing style. This is preferred in study at Deakin University, deakin harvard referencing assists the correct Harvard referencing style for formatting the references for literature review example.

  • Read and evaluate sources and conclude whether they are suitable for understanding the subject.

  • The findings and conclusions of the sources which were selected have to be explained, interpreted, and presented.

Researching for Literature Review Example 

The finding of any paper can be said only for a specific population of online databases selected for this research for a particular amount of time. A literature review example is the most crucial division of any research paper. It explains to readers how much time and effort the author has contributed towards understanding the problem and studying the work done on that.

Chronological order should be followed when work is quite classical in your area. This will enable the readers to grasp the progress quickly and also assist, not to miss out on any vital information.

Each point has to be very specific to the topic since it is effortless to vary and unload lots of information, which is not required. For example, if a student is writing a paper on “Antisocial Personality Disorder & Media Stereotypes,”; your literature review should contain only the strategies that have been followed for this problem. The topic of literature should be selected, thinking of audiences. 

Researching has become multidisciplinary nowadays, which helps the result from one field of study is being used in multiple areas. 

Dissertation Topics for Literature Review Example

A dissertation is writing upon any selected subject as part of education. The literature review often appears near the start of your dissertation and is a vital part of your overall dissertation structure. The dissertation can also be giving a speech on any selected subject, after doing research on the subject. In the dissertation, a reasonable hypothesis should be followed to support an answer. The literature review example assists in writing high-grade dissertations. The literature review of a dissertation would help in asking questions before beginning to analyze the dissertation topic as it will help to save a lot of time in unnecessary reading. To write a dissertation literature review, innumerable sources should be searched on that topic.

The purpose of Literature review example

Attending a literature review is a system of confirming the author’s understanding of a distinct field of investigation, including vocabulary, ideas, essential variables and aspects, and its rules and records. Also, if the writers are will to perform this kind of educational task for the very first time in his/her life, one must not worry. As such, documents are pretty easy to implement, and even a first-year student could quickly cope with it.

So, the purposes of literature review example are:

  • Providing a foundation of knowledge regarding literature topics.

  • Recognizing the areas of earlier scholarship for restricting duplication and give credit to the researchers.

  • Identifying the gaps in research, struggles in previous studies and open questions left from other research.

  • Identifying the necessity for performing further research.

  • Identifying the involvement of works in the context of the contribution of literature review towards the topic and other works. 

  • Placing own research inside of the context of existing literature which makes a case for why additional study is necessitated.

Categories for literature review example
  • A simple literature review is a concise summary about literature topic which is not necessarily purely academic in field. The popular sources are being used frequently. Simple literature review is normally just the beginning of the research process.

  • Applied literatures are used principally in business, in government and other acknowledged environments. Applied literature reviews are generally truth seeking. They assist looking at profitability. 

  • Academic literature review requires efficiency, quality resources like research papers, thesis from thesis writing service and quality report whether in stand alone or part of a paper, or project.  Unlike the other two literature reviews, the academic review expects a depth. 

Creating Articles for Literature Review Example

For assisting in both academics and literature, Google Scholar has been a renowned online academic search engine. It has from 2 to 100 million catalog records for helping in literature. Google Scholar groups result is completely free to use and it is from across the internet.   For searching about literature, Google Scholar has been earned noteworthy attention. Google scholar's efficacy in grey literature searching has not yet been examined so by using well-organized inspection case studies from environmental science, we examined the efficacy of Google Scholar in well-organized reviews for the purpose of searching for grey literature.  Google Scholar affirmed identifying the majority of the literature using the entanglement of science. MLA 8 is very easy to use and a comprehensive guide to making every source easy. MLA referencing code assist in understanding about citing sources with MLA8.

The APA tells you about an author/ date system and the in-text of the apa referencing guide includes authors and publication year.  The APA explains about an author/ date system and the in-text of the apa reference includes authors and publication year. 

Concluding Note on Literature Review Example

The literature review example informs the researcher about the present state of the field by signifying the extensiveness as well as the intensity of work done earlier, and it recognizes the gaps where more research/work is required. Literature review analyses, as well as assess research on a specific topic and help in framing research questions. In the literature review writing the literature, the gap has to be filled by checking on the problems that haven't yet been answered, or the research needs to be done so it is required to buy research papers. 

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