How To Draft an Amazing Presentation With Canva ?

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These days presentation is an important part of every field. Now, it is not limited to only schools and colleges, it is required in the professional field and for a speaker or an executive. It is a great tool to get the message across as it is visually strong and concise. Creating a presentation means sending your message across people in short but powerful sentences.

But for some people, creating a presentation that is visually strong and delivers your message is difficult. That is why we in blog are explaining in detail how you can use Canva presentation maker to create a fine and impressive presentation.

Let’s begin…

1.  Have consistency

Your audience would love to look at a consistent presentation. That means the style and tone and background of the presentation should work well with your content and should relate to it.

Consistency also makes it easy for the audience to shift the focus from one slide to another with ease. 

Have fonts that are consistent throughout the slide.

2.  Come out strong with your title slide

The slide that has the title of your assignment or presentation is the most important. That is why it needs to create such that it looks powerful and entices and encourages people to listen through your whole presentation.

There are a lot of templates on the Canva site like Red Modern Marketing Presentation that can help you bring out the power in your ppt. Make sure to use one according to the theme and tone of your presentation.

3.  Use more visuals and less text

No one is going to read your presentation, they will be more interested in what you are saying and how you can explain the message that you have written. That is why make your presentation visually strong and keep it concise.

  • Don't use too much text and use bullet points and not paragraphs.

  • Also, you can skip the bullet points and write a single point per slide and support its visuals.

  • Remember to add a lot of statistics and facts and figures to make your presentation more appealing to the audience.

4.  Use large fonts

It is important to keep the quantity of your text concise, but that doesn’t mean that you use small fonts. Make sure that the font of the text is big, as it will make reading the presentation easy for people.

If you use small fonts, people will have to strain their eyes to read it, which will distract them from what you are saying, and we don’t want that.

5.  Customize your slides using Canva

Even the slide of your presentation should connect with the audience, and the best way to do that is by customizing them. Adding a little banner or your logo can make a huge difference. Customizing your slide using Canva is pretty easy. It has a big library with huge designs for the slide, which you can edit or update as per your need. 

6.  Make sure that you use the 10-minute rule

Human beings tend to get bored easily. That is why you need to make sure that your audience is interested in the complete presentation, and not only at the starting. The best way to do that is by doing something shocking, surprising, or intriguing that catches the attention of the people. How to do that?

Well, you can:

  • Share a joke or share an amazing incident related to the topic

  • Ask questions from the audience, or ask your co-speaker or host to say a few words

  • Show an impactful and related video to the audience

  • Change the topic if necessary

You can add these to your slides too as a side note, to remind yourself to attract the audience’s attention.

7.  Do smart work

Don’t make creating a presentation a hard job. Do smart work like creating a template page for your presentation using Canva that you can use in all your slides. It will make sure there is consistency in your ppt.

8.  Share the presentation using Canva

Canva lets you share the presentation directly from it. Just select publish and click on the present button. The present option also lets you add transition effects and so on to make your ppt more appealing. Also, it has a presentation mode where you can add notes and timer and can see the next slide.

Follow these points for an amazing presentation !

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