Executive Summary Example

executive summary example

The main goal of the executive summary is to provide a brief and summarized sketch of long reports or business proposals. This summary is the first introduction to the readers about the story, plan, or suggestions. The executive summary should be very engaging and attention-grabbing to the readers. 

The purpose of the executive summary is to draw a quick idea of the whole project or document. An executive summary should be well written. It tells about an attractive story of the whole assignment to the readers with clarity.  There are specific rules and regulations to write an excellent quality executive summary. One can use APA referencing guide for making an appropriate referencing approach and improvise the article. Here is some executive summary example or tip to follow for perfect writing. 

Executive Summary Example: Key Elements

The Executive summary contains one or two pages. It briefly presents the main outline. The tone of the writing should be formal. While writing, two things should be kept in mind -

1. Target audience

2. Reason for summary writing

For example, a business plan will include financial information, size, and scale of the business company.

Executive summary writings may vary based on the topic, but commonly an executive summary follows certain key elements. Here are some examples.

  • The opening section or introductory paragraph should sharply convey the primary purpose of the plan or document. This introduction should be very attention-grabbing to the readers. The audience will try to find the value of the information based on the opening statement.

  • The second part of the executive summary must conclude the company information. To catch the eye of the readers, add the company name and a formal description of the main goal or purpose of the company. Similarly, contact details, location, scale, and size need to be included when the executive summary used in the research paper.

  • The executive summary is the right place to highlight the services and products a company offers. For academic research reports, the information about the research and what everyone should know about the findings be included in this part.

  • Another essential element of an executive summary is market analysis. This is where one can explain the next plan of the market, market opportunity for service or a product, plan to grow the customer base, etc. 

Executive Summary Example: Academic Purpose

An executive summary is essential for assignments. This executive summary is an overview or preview of long tasks. The first thing a teacher or constructor going to read is the executive summary of a project. A bright and well-written review will give a good impression on the instructor. Students may need assignment help to write a good quality executive summary.

Here are some critical format or executive summary examples of writing engaging assignments. 

  • Step 1: Give an introduction to the assignment given topic or subject. The purpose of writing this summary add a brief description of the background of the item.

  • Step 2: Brief information about the methods adopted and the analysis should be included. More than one way can be added.

  • Step 3: Next, include significant findings and data results. Don’t copy the conclusions of the main body of the project.

  • Step 4: Implement a clarification of the difficulty or problem.

  • Step 5: A recommendation of the problem from the writer’s perception should be included next. Make sure to provide guidance relevant to the question.

  • Step 6: If there is any limitation of the project, that must be included in the executive summary as well. Three to five lines of conclusions can be added in the last part of the brief.

Executive Summary Example For Dissertation

A well-written dissertation involves a well-structured executive summary. It will provide a clear view of the thesis to the readers. To write perfect executive summary dissertation help is much needed. Here, some executive summary example or format to follow. 

  • Use a formal tone. Avoid the use of excessive jargon.

  • Discuss the primary purpose of the dissertation

  • Describe briefly about the used methodology and techniques in the dissertation. 

  • Give downright, concise, to-the-point information.

  • Write the conclusion or outcome of the research.

  • Provide an overview of the whole topic.

  • The word count should be 10% of the total length of the dissertation.

These are some valuable tips to write the best quality dissertation executive summary template.

Executive Summary Example: Few tips to keep in mind
  • Read the Document

This part is very crucial to write a good summary. Before writing a review, one can buy research papers and read the entire study attentively. Take notes, highlight important points, critical findings. It increases the value of the summary. This will help to summarize the executive summary accurately.

  • Differentiate the important points

After reading the whole research papers, documents isolate or differentiate the significant points. Include these points in the executive summary. This will help the readers to understand what the material is trying to convey.

  • Proofread

After completing the executive summary, proofreading is a must thing. Proofreading will help the writer to view the summary with unbiased eyes. Before starting to write any literature review example, one might need to go through the written object to avoid the common faults. 

Here are some executive summary examples of avoiding common mistakes.

  • Length of the summary

The correct length of an executive summary must be ten percent of the original research document. The criteria must be followed blindly. This is the exact length to keep the executive summary short enough to catch the audience’s eyes and long enough to keep it attractive to the readers.

  • Fit the requirement of the audience

While writing an executive summary, it is necessary to keep the requirements of the readers in mind. The readers should be benefitted from the sketch.

  •  Clarity

One of the common mistakes writers made during writing is losing clarity. The audience or reader will read the executive summary for the first time. So t is essential to keep the clarity high. This will create the first impression of the whole project.

  • Use secure and straightforward Language

Avoid using passive, complex sentences in the executive summary. The goal of the executive summary is to convince the reader to read the whole project. This will implement them to take action. So, it is necessary to use simple affirmative sentences to attract more readers. In that case, Harvard referencing plays a crucial impact to make the content very simple and easy to read. 

Executive Summary Example | Sum it Up

These are some well-proven executive summary examples to follow. A perfectly described, short, and informative summary is the key to engage more audience.

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