Citing Sources In Assignment

citing sources

Proper citing your resources while writing academic papers or research thesis is one of the most important aspects of the academic writing format. Most of the students face various problems while completing their assignments. Even, I was one of them. Well... What does citing sources mean? And what are those challenges you are going to face during citing your content? First, let's discuss about what is citing.

Citing sources or citations is a method of telling your readers that you are using another writer's ideas or providing data from that writer's journal or paper.

There are two types of citations:

1.In-text Citation: This is just a small description of that author and his published paper inside an article where one writer wrote that the author's idea.

2.End-of paper Citation: This citation is generally used at the end of our writings where we have to provide full details of that author so that others can identify that author's publication from where we write that idea.

There are numerous kinds of citation styles available to follow while a person writing. But among them, APA Style, MLA Style, Chicago Style, and CSE Style are the most popular ones as those citation styles are easy to understand and easy to apply. 

But why citing sources is so important? Have you ever asked this question to yourself?

It is a way of showing respect and gratitude to that author whose content or idea you are copying in your writings. Not only this, it helps your reader a lot to know more about that topic by providing them information about the author's publication. It will also provide your college research writing a backbone by providing your writing support. It helps you justify your points.But most of the students face some serious trouble while citing sources. 

Lack of Citing Knowledge

Most of the students do not know how to cite properly. They become confused while citing sources. All the citation style has its own unique way of citing a resource… One student has to write multiple papers during his/her academic life. It is natural to mix up. So, if you are a student and facing problem during composing your research paper, it is advisable to learn from the internet. There are many reliable online assignment help websites that can increase your knowledge of citation.

Finding proper Information Material

Though the internet makes it easy to find information but all the information over the internet is accurate every time. Even some of the best results do not have a proper citing to place inside an article. One thing to remember that even if you have a better knowledge about the subject you are writing you can provide your own citation unless it is a published article.

Old Publication Issues

There are a lot of topics that do not have a recent update or published paper. At that time it becomes much more difficult to collect data from the internet. Fewer data leads to lesser citations. But in your paper, it is recommended to use only a recently published article and citation of that article. 


Student means you have to attend multiple classes and submit multiple assignments and all those assignments have their own deadline and style of citations. Within that time period, sometimes it becomes difficult to find relevant data with proper author details to cite your sources. So, start early researching and from the start try to note down the location where you find the information. 

The following is just a suggestion, in your student life, you will face many difficulties, citing sources will be one of them. Writing essays, academic papers are a big part of a student’s life. Keep practicing and try to find out solutions for every problem. Research well, analyze your resources to find out the proper citation for them.  

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