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pestle analysis

There are various business analysis tools in the world; PESTLE analysis is one of them. It's a very useful tool for any company. This tool helps to analyze and monitoring some valuable factors that impact on performances of an organization. PESTLE analysis includes Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors which can make affect in sustaining a business in a specific area. That's why this analysis tool is known as PESTLE. 

The Significance of PESTLE Analysis for a Business Promotion

The PESTLE analysis template has some of the critical business factors that enhance brand value. Before starting a business, you might consider those crucial sections and identify the strength of your business. 


Political factors are nothing but government intervention of a particular company or economy. These analyses are classified. This analysis includes political influences, corruption, taxes, government policy, trading regulations, etc. Moreover, a government can make impacts on infrastructure, education systems, etc. 


Economic factors are the factors that determine the financial performances of each company, such as inflation rates, economic growth, exchange rates, interests, incomes, unemployment rates, etc. The impact of this factor is long term on a company. It affects the demand or supply of products, and it is an essential factor for any company.


Social factors are an essential part of any business company as their primary factor is their consumers. These factors are age distribution, lifestyles, health, the Growth rate of population, age differences, cultural differences, etc. 


Nowadays, every company is becoming technological. These factors affect any industry as these factors help innovating technologies. Technological factors are technical changes, innovations, etc. These factors are the reason behind the inclusion or exclusion of your company from an industry. 


Environmental factors are gaining its importance day by day as the factors include the inadequate supply of raw materials, the effects of pollutions, etc. These factors exhibit climate changes, environments surrounding the industry, and the results like tourism, agriculture, etc. Companies who do not have bits of knowledge about environmental factors can be affected big time. 


Legal factors are somewhat related to political factors. These factors are employment law, copyrights, discrimination law, intellectual property law, labor law, trade law, etc. These factors must be known to any company to do business authentically and ethically. Without having an awareness of the rules and regulations, severe troublesome might appear to the business organization. 

PESTLE Analysis with perfect examples

PESTLE Analysis of Nike

Suppose, consider a famous brand Nike for pestle analysis examples. Let us take a PESTLE analysis of Nike. Nike is a sports brand and renowned for its best quality products. 

Political Factor 

A stable political environment is essential for the growth of a company. Nike produces goods and sells them in the market as the political environment of Australia is very stable. Nike does great business in Australia.

Economic Factor

Goodwill is the most important aspect of the welfare of a company. Nike has made huge goodwill in the sports brand industry. They are economically very strong and are very less vulnerable in proportion to other companies.

Social Factors

People love the quality. This is the reason Nike is famous and most demanded sports brands globally. People love the quality products that NIKE produces and delivers.

Technical Factors

Nike embraces technology and makes themselves innovate in every step of the way. People love their product designs as well as their quality.

Legal Factor

Nike has to pay attention to the copyright of designs in case of their products. They should make sure of not involved in child labor. Nike sometimes gets consequences of their actions like tax avoidance, false discounts, etc.

Environmental Factor

Nike produces adequate products by hurting the environment. They make factories after factories which lead to pollution, but they are trying to resolve this situation and becoming environmentally friendly by their practices.

Take a Tour on PESTLE analysis Australia

Now, let's talk about the PESTLE analysis Australia and aware of the six factors.


The head of state for Australia is Queen Elizabeth 2. At the federal level, Governor-general represents the queen, whereas Governors represent her at the state level, but the head of Australia is the prime minister. The capital of Australia is Canberra, but Sydney is the largest. Several organizations, like trade organization, Commonwealth, OECD, etc. The political environment of Australia is very stable but still gets criticized for deportation laws, protection of human rights, treatment towards refugees.


Australia has one of the largest economies. Economic growth is very good. Business investments are quite promising. Investors buy the lands early and sell them in huge profits. Their exchange rates are very favorable, as well. Some key imports of Australia are vehicles, fuels, medical apparatus, rare metals, furniture, plastics, etc. Foreign companies build their headquarters in Australia. Company tax rates are 30%, and it affects some of the low turnover companies. 


Australia has a smaller population in proportion to other countries. The average lifespan differs by men and women. Australia is a multiracial and multicultural company. Migration is a very responsive issue in Australia. Australia has a working-class, middle class, upper class as their social classes. 5-10 percent with property belongs to the upper class, and the capital, as well as ownership, are their main sources of income. Australian people are very hardworking and provide an essential role in sustaining their country's GDP.


Australia is one of the advanced countries in the case of technology. They adopt new technologies very fast in proportion to other countries. For research and developing purpose, the government of Australia funds an enormous amount. 


Australia has very noticeable trading laws and consumer laws, which encourages very good trading for customers and companies.


Australia is considered one of the most beautiful countries around the globe. They are renowned and acknowledged by their Bio-diversity. Australia contains beautiful mountains, forests, beaches and furthermore they have innumerable species regarding animals as well as plants and that is the sole reason behind paying a visit to a large number of people in Australia each year. Climate changes are a real issue in Australia, but they are working on it to solve as much as possible. 

To Conclude..

PESTLE analysis is a very simple and yet most effective tool in order to analyze your business or any country which can make you aware of positive and negative effects on your businesses. Knowing is always better than not knowing, don't you think?

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