Academic Writing Problems Will Never Effect Your Grades

academic writing problems

Every writer makes a rookie mistake while writing an assignment. This rookie mistake is what would make any reader lose their interest in the entire assignment. The main aim of every writer is to make the assignment look interesting and informative for the readers at the same time. If the reader has lost the interest then your whole assignment would turn out to be a waste of time. 

But you do not have to worry about it. There are many ways to overcome such mistakes. 

Some of the common mistakes that writers usually make and the ways to overcome them are:

  1. Proper construction of sentences

Combination of correct words forms a sentence. A writer should see whether the sentence he/she has written can be easily comprehended or not. A meaningful sentence is what would make the whole assignment some sense.

  1. Word choice

The words chosen in a sentence should be clear and easy so that it would be easier for the readers to understand.

  1. Use of citation

Make sure you have quoted the correct text from your source (book, newspaper or journal) on your assignment. The citation should be precise and related to the topic.

  1. Combination of sentences

Sometimes combining short sentences and framing into one makes the sentence more interesting, Make sure, the combination of these sentences does not juice out the real meaning of the sentence.

  1. Use of comma

The use of the comma in a sentence could change the structure of the whole paragraph. It shows the correct meaning of the sentence. A misplaced use of comma might confuse the reader.

  1. Emphasizing your real idea in the assignment

To attract the readers towards the topic, put more emphasis on words or phrases that highlight your ideas. Write your assignment in such a way that the words and phrases put lights on the main idea of your assignment.

  1. Conciseness

A lengthy sentence would make any reader bore. To continue making it interesting, concisely construct the sentence.

  1. Design of the paragraph

Every paragraph should hold different and interesting meaning and should be relatable to the topic. The paragraph should be designed in such a way that it gets interesting more and more with the changing of the paragraph.

  1. Use of passive voice

The use of passive voice is important. However, the overuse of passive voice can kill the real meaning and structure of the sentence. Use it tentatively.

  1. Do not confuse possessives with plurals

Writers often confuse themselves while mixing possessives in their sentence with plurals. A slight mix-up can damage the whole sentence. You should know the difference between ‘girl’s’ which is possessive and ‘girls’ which is plural. Both meanings are different.

  1. Correct use of pronouns

Make sure you are using pronouns in your sentence correctly or it would confuse the reader. E.g., when you have inserted ‘they’ in your sentence, you have to make sure who is the ‘they’ you are referring to.

  1. Use of punctuation

While writing an assignment, you should know the proper use of punctuations like a colon (:), semi-colon (;), dash (-) etc. The proper use of punctuation makes the sentence meaningful. 

  1. Avoid repetition of words or phrases

Repetition of the same words or phrases makes the reader lose their interest. Make sure you do not include words or phrases repeatedly.

  1. Transitions

You have to let the reader know about what your paper is really about. The paragraphs, sentences and words are properly connected to the topic. For that to happen, you must use transition markers to describe that connection. Like e.g. to describe examples or situation, you can use "for instance", or "for example", for the conclusion you can use "therefore", "consequently" etc.

Make sure the connection is visible to the readers.

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