Academic Writing facts that matters

academic writing facts

When it comes to academic writing, it does not matter how good you are in it. Academic writing is not any general type of writing. All students have to go through academic writing during his/her educational activities. Academic writing contains a formal tone, packed with information regarding the topic and to support that information you have to provide a reference list at the end of the writing. The style of academic writing also varies with different disciplines. So if you want to be a good academic writer, you have to learn the particular forms and format for that department or subject.

Also, you need to know that there are mainly four types of academic writing available.

  1. Descriptive

  2. Analytical

  3. Persuasive

  4. Critical

But all these four different categories have similar formatting. Critical writing is generally used while you are in your college or high school to write your assignments and thesis papers or research report. There are lots of online essay writer who provides the best essay writing services but if you some important facts about academic writing you can write yourself.  

Let us discuss some of those facts in this article. 

Learn The Importance of Structure

It does not matter which type of academic paper you are writing until you have a general idea about the basic structure of academic writing. Though writing style & structure varies for the subject to subject, you can manage that easily if you have an overview of its basic structure. Mainly academic writing contains a short introduction, three body paragraphs where you write your information and a conclusion. At the referencing.

Research Skills

Academic writing lots of research. Before you start writing, you should research a lot to collect data regarding the subject to make a draft. If you don’t have proper research skills, it may take time to gather information as searching data for a paper is not like a normal internet search. So horn your research skills.

Analytic Thinking & Drafting

It is time to make a draft after your initial research. Drafting your data gives you an extra advantage to understand the topic. Note down every point you found on the internet and start thinking in an analytic way. Though research gives you information but you have to analyze that data and hold an idea on your research.

Brainstorming and Planning of Writing

After making the draft, you have to plan the structure of your writing. While you are writing an academic paper, it is essential to continue your search and provide relevant information about the topic. Carefully plan your way of writing and arrange keywords to give your writing proper direction to the topic.

Proper use of Punctuation and Languages

In academic writing, it is essential to maintain a formal tone throughout the paper. This implies that in an article one must not use common words and phrases. Use of proper punctuation matter a lot inside a research paper. So, if you do not know when and where to use punctuation properly, try to make your sentences short and simple.

Provide Valid Points & Citation

Academic writing is all about providing information that is valid and has evidence to back up your information. So to engage your reader use fascinating details with proof. Evidence-based reasoning is an essential aspect of this kind of writing a research paper. So, do not forget to use an in-text citation when you are writing to support your point. In the end, you need to attach all the reference links from where you have collected that information.

So, these are some important facts you should keep in mind to improve your academic writing skills. And also do not forget to proofread after finishing your paper, it will not only help you to find your flaws but it will help you to understand the importance of the above-mentioned points.

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