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Stage 1 Assessment Requirement

  1. Throughout the semester we have talked a great deal about the disparities in how health care is received in various populations. In the article from AHRQ, "Disparities in Healthcare Quality among Racial and Ethnic Groups", these inequalities are discussed in greater detail. After reading the article, select two of the groups identified as being affected and in two paragraphs, discuss one of the barriers to quality care for this group from the article (i.e. limited English proficiency)and how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will provide a positive impact in removing this disparity. Please use (and cite) additional resources to support your post.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBhd10i4nNk After watching the Dr. Ben Carson video on "Health Care Disparities and Health Care Reform", give the two major points on this topic that you took away from this video, how and why it resonated with you and how you feel these points impact how health care in the United States is provided and/or received.

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Stage 2 Solution 1

The study conducted by the National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR) aims to establish the disparities in the delivery of the health care which relates to the factors such as racial as well as socioeconomic in the priority populations. It tends to establish a proper access of proper amenities in the area of minorities as well as low income groups. The study of the group which is considered to be more affected is the racial as well as the ethnic minorities. The barrier to the equality care is the disability towards the facilities provided for health care for those who are unable to communicate in English with doctors as well as nurses.  

Stage 3 Solution 2

The major points that made an impact on the health care in the United States includes the cost related to the decision making is essential in order to confront the nation's health problems. It also tends to enhance the well-being of the public. There is some range of policies as well as programs which works as an important league of the health consequences. The role of the public health implementation has provided a link for an array of different policies. It tends to determine the quality as well as the location of the housing.