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Stage 1 Assessment Requirement

Selected topic is- Government policies and strategies for promoting cleaner production. Undertake a literature review on the topic to write a research paper. Literature cited should include most recently published papers from journals as well as recent reports published by recognised institutions/organisations. If you prefer to write the paper on a topic not included in the list below, you are required obtain approval from the course convenor prior to commencing the work on the paper.

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Stage 2 Description

(Industry and environment, cleaner production. (2014))The Environment organization is the lawful body in many countries which controls assured types of squander – recognized as prohibited squander. These comprise family, manufacturing and profitable ravage. Other squanders called ‘non- controlled’ (mines, agriculture, and quarries) are not at present synchronized in the similar way. Waste is an extensive ranging expression surrounding most superfluous equipment, clear by the environmental Protection Act 1990. Ravage includes every crumb substance, bilge water or superfluous extra material or objects which need removal since it is broken down, shabby out, impure or else blemished. (Barrie.ca, 2014)Wastes are ‘those material or substance which drop out of the profitable sequence or series of efficacy ‘for instance glass bottles which are reused or returned in their unique shape are not squander, at the same time as glass bottles banked by the community and transmitted for remolding are squander ‘awaiting they have been recovered’.