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Stage 1 Assessment Requirement

  1. Briefly describe the branding and positioning strategies of Apple and MatsSoft.
  2. How would you describe the brand personalities of Apple and MatsSoft? Explain why you believe the personality represents each brand.
  3. What are the similarities between the two branding efforts? What are the differences?
  4. If you are a brand manager, what can you learn from these two cases?

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Stage 2 Branding and positioning strategy of Apple and MatSsoft

For many years the product strategy of Apple is involved for creating many innovative products which are aligned with the strategy of “digital hub”. (Case study,B2B marketing, 17 July 2012) The core competence of the company is on delivering the exceptional experience with the user interfaces. The company has the strategy of branding which focuses on the emotions. The brand personality of Apple is about the imagination, lifestyle, innovation, passion through technology.

Stage 3 Branding personality of Apple and MatSsoft

The brand personality of Apple Company is also about simplicity and complexity removal from lives of the people. The brand Apple is not just intimate with the customers; there is sense of community among the users of the main product lines. (Blog on apple’s strategy, Kissmetrics),The customer franchise and the brand equity which this company embodies is very strong. For example the preference of the Mac product among the community of Mac, not only kept the company alive in the 90’s also it enabled the company for sustaining the price which is at some premium to the customers.

Stage 4 Branding efforts- Apple and MatSsoft

(Small business website, 27 Oct, 2013)Apple is one company that has been bearing fruits till now. For example the company reports that almost half of the computer sales are made to the people who are new to the Macintosh, and the sales of the company have been growing since 2006. The efforts of the company have been superb since 2007, when it launched the iPod. This company has made efforts to make the brand memorable, easily recognizable in the eyes of the end customers. The product has been delivered in superior quality and reliability. The equity of the brand is positive if people are ready to pay more for the branded product than the generic one.

Stage 5 Learning from two companies as a Brand manager

Being a brand manager, it can be learnt that whatever comes in your way while creating a unique product the critics should be ignored. (Business insider website, Sep 13,2013) The company should have the capability of creating something unique out of the ordinary. Apple plays not only with the computer systems and standard operating systems it also accordingly redefines the design standards as well.

Stage 6 Conclusion

The companies like Apple and MatSsoft are the ones which have already created a market base and have high brand equity in the market. These companies make sure that the product which they sell reaches first to the high net worth customers and then to the other categories of the society.