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Stage 1 Assessment Requirement

Part 1:

Visit Southwest Airlines Investor Relations. Review the information the company has provided including the company profile, corporate government guidelines and policies, news and events, financials, and investor resources.


  1. Identify what Southwest Airlines sought to accomplish for its stakeholders.
  2. Evaluate Southwest Airlines' actions with respect to employees and customers.
  3. Assess Southwest Airlines’ achievements in the area of corporate governance.
  4. Have the actions and initiatives undertaken by Southwest Airlines made in a positive impact on its profitability? Explain with specific examples and financial data. Cite your sources using APA format.

Part 2:

  1. What is the relationship between Ford Motor Company and General Motors and their respective employees and investors? How do these relationships affect financial performance? Are there any issues outstanding for Ford Motor Company and General Motors? Provide a rationale for your assessment.
  2. Compare and contrast Ford Motor Company and General Motors companies using the financial statements for the two firms and the accumulated data and analysis completed so far.  If you were going to make an investment in one of the two companies, which one would you select? Why? Explain your answer and include financial and nonfinancial reasons for your conclusion

For more detail download the attachment.

Stage 2 Southwest Airlines Investors Relations

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines registered in NYSE with name of LUV has completed its 42nd year of service in the airlines industry. Since last 40 years it has been delivering profitable results by maintaining an extraordinary customer satisfaction.  It has more than 45,000 employees which serve more than 100 million customers every year.  Southwest airlines aim at providing continuous profit flows in form of dividends to its shareholders. It goals at improving its relationship with shareholders by ensuring 15 percent per-tax return on the capital they have invested.  In the past it has distributed around $22 million as dividends to its investors. By conducting a detailed study of the new and events related to Southwest Airlines it is very clear that they fulfil their promises make to their investors. On Jan 30, 2014 they declared 150th consecutive quarterly dividends. They have also framed polices related to shareholder rights plans and empower the investors to take many important decisions.

Stage 3 Comparison between Ford Motor Company and General Motors

Ford Motor Company and General Motors the two best players of the automobiles industry have been competing for centuries to take the top position in NYSE and be the best seller of their respective products. Ford has shown an incredible growth in the automobile market with a 13.1% increase as compared to sales in year 2012. Ford and general Motors share a relationship where the weakness for one emerges as the strength of other.  GM is considered the best selling automobile company in U.S but ford is minimising the gap and is focusing on improving its bottom line profits, using its consolidating platforms and smooth production it is able to create good margins and profits. Due to the reduced operating cost ford was able to win the game against GM last quarter. GM is trying to improve on its operating cost but by the time it does so ford will most probably occupy the first position in U.S automobiles industry. Thus from an investment point of view Ford Motor Company would be considered better at this stage. This decision is also based on the fact that Ford is to introduce many new designs of vehicle as suggested by the new and events.