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Stage 1 Assessment Requirement

 Show a clear understanding of the variety of conceptions of theory, types of theories, and ways of contributing to theory and be able to justify how, exactly, your study contributes to theory.

Part 1

Using Gelso (2006), Harlow (2009), Stam, H. (2007, 2010), Wacker (1999), and five additional peer-reviewed articles from your specialization, discuss scholarly views on the nature and types of theory. Compare and contrast at least three views of what constitutes a theory, including the view you will use in Part 3 of this question. Be sure to distinguish theory from related concepts, such as hypothesis, paradigm, model, and concept.

Part 2

Using Ellis & Levy (2008), Harlow, E. (2009), and five additional peer-reviewed articles, review the scholarly literature on the relationship between theory and research and the ways research (quantitative and qualitative) can contribute to theory. Discuss at least three ways research can contribute to theory.

Part 3

Pick a theory (in one of the views of what constitutes a theory that you identified in Part 1) of current interest directly related to the topic area of your dissertation. A theory is currently of interest if there are articles published on it in the past five years. Using at least 10 published, peer-reviewed research articles

  1. Explain how the theory adds or may add to our understanding of your field and/or research topic.
  2. Discuss and analyze the literature on two areas of controversy or unanswered questions related to the theory.

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The homeland security deals about preserving the laws that the citizen of the country must follow. It is an effort to maintain harmony and peace in a country. This can be prevailed if theories of various theorists are followed upon. The role of the theory is to come out with the solution from various kinds of researches made. 


The homeland security deals with national integrity. The citizens abide by the rule of maintain peace. The theory described by Gelso (2006) has been the theory of uncertainty. It described about the changes in the philosophies of human due to various feelings in the form of mixed ones. There is a kind of mis-understanding generated. The variables are well defined to make the philosophy understand. The theory of Gelso (2006) shows the variables involved in the relationships making it more recognisable.


There can be a lot of observations made on the theories which differs from each other. The basis of the concepts lies in the ideology of the theories. This can vary from various forms of psychology. There can be various views for it. The theory by Harlow (2008) is all about determining law through different constructs of parameters. A lot of research and survey have been conducted for the case study by Harlow. The theory with which Harlow has been associated describes about the elements which are performed under testing and connected with the research that has been conducted. 


There are a variety of views which can be varying in its nomenclature. The concepts include aspects such as hypothesis, model, concept and paradigm. The homeland security must follow the theories in order to maintain the integrity of peace and harmony in the nation. It is defined for all the four theories defined by the four ideologists.

Stage 6 PART 2

The scholarly literature defined for the relationship between the research and theory in the form of quantity and quality shows the contribution of scholars. These scholars are Ellis and Levy (2008) & Harlow E. (2009). The other additional scholars are Jeanjean and Ramirez (2009), Miller & Bahnson (2010) and Ansari & Bell (2009). 

Stage 7 PART 3

The theory of interest from Part 1 chosen is the theory stated by Stam (2007, 2010). The theory stated by Stam (2007) describes the concept of observation of things which existed. The reductionism is the parameter defined by Stam. In this the parts of any kind of phenomenon were defined individually.