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5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing

Hey, all scholars out there!

Hope you are doing great in your area of expertise. Well! I have a question for you guys, are you enjoying your academic writing? If yes, that’s good enough if no. No worries I am here to assist you on the same.

Usually, students don't prefer to work on assignments and essay submission as they thought these are a burden for them. But the truth is academic essay writing and assignments are part of their curriculum and these assignments also carry certain marks.

Hence, it’s better to learn things that can be used in essay writing. Here I bring 5 ways that can improve your essay writing. Read it on!

Top 5 Academic Essay Writing Ways to Win Good Grades      

#1 Collect all the appropriate points that you are going to write

It is crucial to make an outline before you jump into the writing section as it will give you an idea about what and which points you should add during essay writing.

So, here I would like to provide detailed insights on what an academic essay should have.

  1. An introduction 

  2. The body

  3. Conclusion

These above 3 pointers should be there in your essay and considered as a basic structure of any academic essay writing format.

Where your introduction part includes the thesis statement, the body of the essay will include separate paragraph and pointers along with the support statement and pieces of evidence that you have been collected so far during your research duration.

Moreover, frame your essay in a way that will impress your writer and provide value to them in a certain issue that you have raised in your essay. Last but not least will be your conclusion, it should be a closure of your essay where you are supposed to end it which should support your thesis statement. 

#2 Take Care of Grammar, Punctuation and Sentence formation

It is essential to know the grammar and punctuation in any kind of writing whether you are doing assignment writing or academic essay writing. I would recommend you to have a better understanding of grammar basics before hopping onto the writing section. As grammar is the one reason that can make your essay understood and alluring at the same time.

Now you may be wondering which grammar rule I should focus on priority. Thus, it’s good to learn the verbs, nouns, pronouns and subject agreement. Only learning these concepts can not resolve your grammatical error you should also know the usage of these elements in sentences.

Also, sentence formation will be another important point to be noted during writing. Make sure you form a writing sentence while framing your academic essay. Moreover, punctuations play a vital role in any writing. So use it wisely also take care of commas and semicolons. Last come in the list is “ voice”. Make sure you use active voice and avoid to use the passive voice in the sentence. As passive voice is not considered as the standard format. 


#3 Add the right vocabulary in the essay

Choosing the right vocabulary and embedding into the body of the essay is equally important as other points I have mentioned. Your argument should be strong enough so that your reader can grab it easily. Don’t use heavy words in your essay which doesn’t make any sense to anyone. Try to keep it simple and understandable also don’t use obscure language in any around it can put you in trouble, so be wise and choose the right words for your essay. 


#4 Put Statistics and relevant data

While writing an essay, it is necessary to keep in mind that your topic should value your audience and the data you are providing within the body should be up-to-date and relevant enough only then your essay submission can worth. Avoid adding unsupported data or stats that are not relevant enough and not aligned with the topic. It’s your responsibility to make it informative and valuable.


#5  Make an impressive conclusion 

Your conclusion should be engaging enough, it should not copy-paste of introduction and thesis. You are supposed to conclude it on the basis of arguments that you have added. Also, your evidence should be concluded properly. Your conclusion has chances to get you good grades so work on it and write in a structured way.

Also, you can seek to essay help or some friend to help in writing an essay if you think you aren’t able to do it at your end. Moreover, there are numerous essay writing services agencies are available online one can approach them and get it done at a minimal price.   

Last Say

I hope you get all the ways that you require to write a winning essay. I would suggest you chant all these pointers so that you can write an excellent essay for your next sessional. Surely this will provide value to your audience and professor too.

Good Luck!
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