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Visa guide for international students

Visa guide for international students: The guide for all your visa problems.

The biggest hurdle in a student trying to secure admission in a foreign university is the complexity of getting a student visa for that particular country. Most of the students fall in the trap of the complex application process for visa and fail to acquire one which in turn costs them a shot at a bright future. Visas are generally required for a student who is not a resident of the country in which the university is located. Application for a student visa is a long and complex process so proper preparation is required and complete understanding of the process is key to securing a visa. The steps and complexity of the process varies from country to country which makes it so difficult to understand.

If you are going through a similar phase and is confused where to go and what to do then worry no more, We provide the perfect visa guide for international students. We are the market leaders in this industry and have an excellent track record of guiding more than ten thousand students get their visas over the last decade. We have experts who can design the perfect application for you which will increase your chances in securing a visa.In our visa guide for international students we have carefully observed and documented each of the above stages and have prepared an exhaustive guide which will enable a student to secure their visa and ultimately achieve the admission in your dream university. After gathering years of experience in this industry we have divided the whole process in five detailed steps which are as follows:

  1. The student must try to find the student exchange visitor representative of the respective university and collect a registration copy of the university with the respective countries authorities: In order to initiate the visa application you must first contact your admission coordinator who will guide you to the student exchange program head who is a very vital person in your application process. He will send you a copy of the accreditation of the university. Accreditation is a very critical document and if a university is not accredited by the country then visas get rejected. In most countries only universities with student exchange program can offer admissions to international students and provide necessary documents which are required for the visa application process. Once you are accepted by the student exchange program a relevant application form will be generated which will be duly filled by the admission coordinator and attested by the dean of admissions. This form is the proof of your admission and is another vital document for the visa application process. The Student exchange program coordinator will coordinate with you throughout the application process and will pride you with any assistance needed whatsoever.
  2. The next step involves paying the fees for the student exchange documentation process: In this step you must pay the fees of the student exchange program at least a week prior to the visa application submitting date. Currently most of the universities in the world has online payment systems but some universities still need you to fill a paper form and send the fees attached with it. This is a tricky process as in most cases the student needs to pay the fees in the currency of the country in which the university is located which can be different from the students country. This is where we come in, we will help you to convert your currency and also help you to calculate any hidden fees associated with this.
  3. The next step involves drafting the application carefully and all the required documents and recent photographs should be attached along with the application: Once the application and payment of fees is done for the student exchange program then the most critical part of the process has to be done, drafting the application. We are experts in this and have guided more than ten thousand students in drafting the perfect application for them. It is advisable that you apply as soon as possible because for some countries the process of accepting application can take up to three months. Most countries have their own dedicated website for this application process. There are generally a form associated issued by the embassy of the country and the student needs to submit the filled form on their online portal. After the properly filled form is submitted an application ID will be generated which is very important and must be saved by the student for future references. After the submission the student is required to upload the required documents along with recent photograph which will be verified by the embassy in your country.
  4. The next step includes paying the fees for the visa application: In this stage after your application and your documents are verified you have to pay the non-refundable, non-transferrable vis application fees. Once you have paid the fees which is generally calculated in the currency of the country you are applying for a fee receipt will be generated which must be preserved by the candidate as it will be required for future references. The payment receipt is also required while completing admission formalities in the university in which you have been accepted.
  5. The next step involves scheduling and appearing for the visa interview: The next stage is going to the embassy in your own country. Before this you have to schedule your interview with the visa officials. For most countries the interview date and time can be fixed using the website but in some countries you have to call the provided number to schedule the interview. The interview is a very vital process and most students who are unable to secure visas are because they failed in the interview. We provide exhaustive training for the interview and have excellent track record of providing the perfect assistance. We are endorsed by a lot of students studying in foreign universities all over the world. The student should carry their original documents and must dress in formals only as they significantly effect how you are rated in the interview.